Entry #18

4th Jessica Game

2017-06-04 22:56:56 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's JD.

I know, I haven't posted here in a while. Well...okay, scratch that. A LONG while.

But that aside, I've seen what a number of people thought of Jessica the YouTuber. And those comments pretty much gave me a couple of reasons to start making another Jessica game.

One reason in particular is to have a sense of redemption from the 3rd one. Because, honestly, I do regret making the puzzles in that game difficult.

But don't worry, this 4th game will have easier puzzles. I promise!


Also, the screenshot above is Jessica's room from "Jessica's House", the first game in the series. But it looks...well...different. This isn't finished yet, but I felt like sharing this because I want to.

Anyways guys, I hope you appreciate my concerns and...well...I hope I can finish the 4th Jessica game as soon as possible.

Thanks! :)

- J.D. Brony


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2017-06-04 23:36:51

it looks like the player can change characters

JD-Brony responds:

Hmm...yeah, you could be right. ;)


2017-08-02 17:26:28

I was thinking the same as akin11, and also, you should add some way to get a description of the items. I was sometimes clueless at what to do with items, so you might hint at them this way (for example, "This looks like it could charge a mobile device" would be nice)

JD-Brony responds:

Hmmm, not a bad idea, DoubleDenial. I'll think about it. :)


2017-08-13 12:57:54

Al fin lo dijiste / You said it finally

JD-Brony responds:

What exactly did I say finally? :\

(No, seriously. I'm confused here.)


2017-08-14 12:28:02

Al fin *tuviste tiempo* para confirmar el cuarto juego. / You finally *had time* to confirm the fourth game.

JD-Brony responds:

Oh, thank you.

Yeah, because of what I got from the 3rd game, I just KNEW I had to make a fourth one to sort of "redeem" myself.. But still, I hope you can wait for it, 'cause that's all you can do right now. :)