Jessica the YouTuber: Character Customization

2017-05-10 22:30:28 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

I was wondering, have any of you guys discovered the character customization in Jessica the YouTuber? I'm asking this, because none of the people who have played this game have mentioned it yet.

If you don't know how to access it, you can click on Jessica's Closet in her own room.

Also, if you're in any room other than Jess's, you can click on QuickWear. It's in the top right corner of the screen.

Anyways, I hope you understand this post of mine. I had to address this, because it got me wondering. And if I didn't know sooner, I'd go completely nuts! (Just kidding, I probably won't...)


Thanks! :)

- J.D. Brony


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2017-05-10 22:36:45

oh yeah, the powerpuff one looks weird

JD-Brony responds:

Really? LOL. I basically just took Blossom's face as a reference and made a Jessica-ish look out of it.
Also, just wanna ask, do you have a favorite in the customization? Just asking...

Thanks! :)


2017-05-11 05:32:17

i like the genius one

JD-Brony responds:

Oh, cool. Thanks, man. That one was originally drawn by me. All the others except the default are inspired by existing characters. :)


2017-05-13 01:35:18

To be honest I enjoyed Bullworth student outfit.

JD-Brony responds:

Really? Thank you. I honestly thought people wouldn't like it, because to me, it looked too simplistic. But thank you! :)