Legit New Game

2016-05-21 22:14:29 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

The My Little Pony Quiz 3 is officially done and ready for upload! Woohoo, can't wait. Seriously, I really can't. Anyways, that's not the main idea of this post. Now, as the title says, this is about the new game that I'm working on currently. Here's a screenshot of the "Level Completed!" screen:


So, my new game is a point-and-click game. So, expect this game to be a little like Trollface Quest. But, anyways, I hope you guys are looking forward to this new game and the MLP Quiz 3.

I'll be uploading The My Little Pony Quiz 3 around this month, hopefully. I just need to test it a few more times.

I hope you guys appreciate this status update of mine. Thanks!


- J.D. Brony


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