The My Little Pony Quiz: Answer Sheet

2016-04-01 09:13:45 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

So, The My Little Pony Quiz has been around for quite a while now.

For those of you who want to know the answers and the logic behind them, this post is for you.

Let's start, shall we? Here are the answers:

The timed questions are enclosed in BOLD text.

  1. The Mane 6
  2. Season 3 (Basically, it's the only season without 26 episodes, but 13.)
  3. Twilight's an Alicorn (As of Season 3, Twilight now has a horn AND wings!)
  4. By the end of Season 3 (The last episode.)
  5. The Day Afterwards (Again, the last episode.)
  6. Pegasus (Obviously...)
  7. Scootaloo (She's the only one out of the choices without a biological family member, not mentioned yet at least.)
  8. Hooves (Just complete her name.)
  9. Put your mouse over the text, "all of them", then click it. (This proves that all of the choices got scared the most.)
  10. A Pony (The question is asking "WHAT is this?", not "WHO is this?".)
  11. Princess Twilight
  12. Discord (Look it up if you like.)
  13. Meghan McCarthy
  14. All of the answers are correct.
  15. Drag the circle surrounding the question number to the empty slot.
  16. Snobs (Watch "Hearth's Warming Eve" and you'll see what I mean.)
  17. Watch MLP (Apparently, the show says, "Friendship is Magic".)
  18. You mean...the core? (Because "Zecora" sounds like, "Ze Core".)
  19. Cutie Mark Area (For some random reason. :P)
  20. Twilight Sparkle [10 seconds]
  21. All of the Above (It represents all of the choices.)
  22. PP (Because, it means Pinkie Pie.)
  23. Fluttershy [10 seconds]
  24. Lauren Faust
  25. Click the "L" in "Lives" to complete the question.
  26. Click the question number. (Seasons 1, 2, and 4 had 26 episodes.)
  27. Pinkie Pie (Because, the rest of the choices are pegasus ponies.)
  28. Question 19 (If you have been looking at the question numbers every time, then this question should be easy for you.)
  29. Yes (In the end, it was.) [10 seconds]
  30. Keep searching around the screen until your cursor turns into a hand. Click on it and enjoy the picture.
  31. Rainbow Dash [10 seconds]
  32. Pinkie Pie (She's always happy and the word, "Pie" classifies her as a food.)
  33. Tabitha St. Germain (Yeah, I watch the end credits. :P)
  34. Junebug
  35. Apple Bloom (We're talking about the pony, here.)
  36. T [5 seconds]
  37. Make friends with it (Because, Friendship is Magic!)
  38. Of course, you'll notice that none of the choices are correct. So, what you have to do is to use your keyboard. So, just type "Fluttershy" to proceed.
  39. Scary (This question is referring to the "Cupcakes" fanfic. And it's TOO scary for me...)
  40. Sonic Rainboom (Duh, that's what the picture's showing you.)
  41. Rarity [10 seconds]
  42. Ahuziotl (I even get confused on this question, as well.)
  43. No, that cord ("Discord" sounds like, "This cord". Simple!)
  44. Brainiac Filly (This is the only made-up name. The rest of the names DO actually exist.) [15 seconds]
  45. Applejack [10 seconds]
  46. I don't know (In one of the comics, Pinkie Pie said this when she was asked the same question.)
  47. Rainbow Dash (All of the choices have appeared before, but "Rainbow Dash" was the only correct one.) [10 seconds]
  48. Click on Twilight Sparkle. But, you'll have to be fast!
  49. Pinkie Pie
  50. Instead of typing "FiM", type the words, "Friendship is Magic" with your keyboard. [10 seconds]

Congratulations! You have passed the quiz and found out why the answers are like that.

Well, I hope you guys find this answer key useful... somehow.


- J.D. Brony


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