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4th Jessica Game

2017-06-04 22:56:56 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's JD.

I know, I haven't posted here in a while. Well...okay, scratch that. A LONG while.

But that aside, I've seen what a number of people thought of Jessica the YouTuber. And those comments pretty much gave me a couple of reasons to start making another Jessica game.

One reason in particular is to have a sense of redemption from the 3rd one. Because, honestly, I do regret making the puzzles in that game difficult.

But don't worry, this 4th game will have easier puzzles. I promise!


Also, the screenshot above is Jessica's room from "Jessica's House", the first game in the series. But it looks...well...different. This isn't finished yet, but I felt like sharing this because I want to.

Anyways guys, I hope you appreciate my concerns and...well...I hope I can finish the 4th Jessica game as soon as possible.

Thanks! :)

- J.D. Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

I was wondering, have any of you guys discovered the character customization in Jessica the YouTuber? I'm asking this, because none of the people who have played this game have mentioned it yet.

If you don't know how to access it, you can click on Jessica's Closet in her own room.

Also, if you're in any room other than Jess's, you can click on QuickWear. It's in the top right corner of the screen.

Anyways, I hope you understand this post of mine. I had to address this, because it got me wondering. And if I didn't know sooner, I'd go completely nuts! (Just kidding, I probably won't...)


Thanks! :)

- J.D. Brony

Flash AS2 Point and Click Game Help

2016-06-23 05:21:27 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

I'm currently working on another Jessica game. But, I've got a slight problem.

You know the thing in Riddle School 3 wherein you can click and drag or combine items from your inventory? Yeah, unfortunately, I don't know how to do that. I NEED SERIOUS HELP!

And I'm not joking. I really want to know how the clicking and dragging thing works.

I've spent the last few hours searching on Google and on YouTube and found nothing useful.

I did talk a bit with Jonochrome (JonBro) about it, but I've tried what he suggested and it didn't work. He even said that he's not a great person to ask about my issue.

So, if ANY of you guys know how to make clicking, dragging or combining items from your inventory possible in point-and-click games like Riddle School 3 onwards, PLEASE let me know.

I would most likely recommend giving me a line or lines of ActionScript 2.0 code.

I already have made a forum about this issue if you guys want to reply there: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1410727

I hope you guys appreciate my concern. Thanks!

- J.D. Brony

Another New Game

2016-06-09 09:52:18 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

Get a load of the picture below:


Awesome, right?

I was so inspired (and touched) by Jonochrome's Riddle School series, that I've decided to make a point-n-click game of my own. There are actually 2 that I'm working on right now. So, expect these games to be a little like Riddle School. I can't wait to release these games.

I hope you guys appreciate it. Thanks!

- J.D. Brony

It's Finally Here!

2016-05-27 22:09:59 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

I can't believe it! The My Little Pony Quiz 3 is out now! Yeaaaahhhh!

Gosh, how long has it been since I worked on that? Maybe 2 or 3 months ago? Whatever. Anyways, it's finally here on Newgrounds! I hope you guys enjoy my third and LAST quiz of the series.

I know, I can't think of any more questions. So, I'm gonna have to leave off on MLP Quiz 3. Now, if you're ready to get your brony brain taught or taunted, then the MLP Quiz 3 is now available.

Before I leave off, let me tell you a bunch of FUN FACTS about this game and its history:

(Yes, I know some of you might not care, but I'll tell them anyway.)

Fun Fact #1: This quiz was actually the 2nd version. The iMac that I normally use is not usable anymore. So, I decided to redo the game from scratch on my Windows 10 laptop.

Fun Fact #2: The entire file size of this game is 15.5 MB. (LOL, what?)

Fun Fact #3: You will experience some more animations than the other two quizzes.

Fun Fact #4: Jenny's back. And she's ready to give your brony brain another test.

Fun Fact #5: There are now medals implemented in the game.

Fun Fact #6: Losing lives and using skips will affect your grade. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Fun Fact #7: Some questions might be easy to answer if you have played the two previous quizzes.

Fun Fact #8: This game took me about 2-3 months to finish.

Fun Fact #9: Timers will now range from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 seconds.

Fun Fact #10: This was probably the hardest game for me to program, but the BEST game for me in the series.

So anyway, I hope you guys enjoy The My Little Pony Quiz 3! Thanks!

- J.D. Brony


Legit New Game

2016-05-21 22:14:29 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

The My Little Pony Quiz 3 is officially done and ready for upload! Woohoo, can't wait. Seriously, I really can't. Anyways, that's not the main idea of this post. Now, as the title says, this is about the new game that I'm working on currently. Here's a screenshot of the "Level Completed!" screen:


So, my new game is a point-and-click game. So, expect this game to be a little like Trollface Quest. But, anyways, I hope you guys are looking forward to this new game and the MLP Quiz 3.

I'll be uploading The My Little Pony Quiz 3 around this month, hopefully. I just need to test it a few more times.

I hope you guys appreciate this status update of mine. Thanks!


- J.D. Brony

The My Little Pony Quiz: Answer Sheet

2016-04-01 09:13:45 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

So, The My Little Pony Quiz has been around for quite a while now.

For those of you who want to know the answers and the logic behind them, this post is for you.

Let's start, shall we? Here are the answers:

The timed questions are enclosed in BOLD text.

  1. The Mane 6
  2. Season 3 (Basically, it's the only season without 26 episodes, but 13.)
  3. Twilight's an Alicorn (As of Season 3, Twilight now has a horn AND wings!)
  4. By the end of Season 3 (The last episode.)
  5. The Day Afterwards (Again, the last episode.)
  6. Pegasus (Obviously...)
  7. Scootaloo (She's the only one out of the choices without a biological family member, not mentioned yet at least.)
  8. Hooves (Just complete her name.)
  9. Put your mouse over the text, "all of them", then click it. (This proves that all of the choices got scared the most.)
  10. A Pony (The question is asking "WHAT is this?", not "WHO is this?".)
  11. Princess Twilight
  12. Discord (Look it up if you like.)
  13. Meghan McCarthy
  14. All of the answers are correct.
  15. Drag the circle surrounding the question number to the empty slot.
  16. Snobs (Watch "Hearth's Warming Eve" and you'll see what I mean.)
  17. Watch MLP (Apparently, the show says, "Friendship is Magic".)
  18. You mean...the core? (Because "Zecora" sounds like, "Ze Core".)
  19. Cutie Mark Area (For some random reason. :P)
  20. Twilight Sparkle [10 seconds]
  21. All of the Above (It represents all of the choices.)
  22. PP (Because, it means Pinkie Pie.)
  23. Fluttershy [10 seconds]
  24. Lauren Faust
  25. Click the "L" in "Lives" to complete the question.
  26. Click the question number. (Seasons 1, 2, and 4 had 26 episodes.)
  27. Pinkie Pie (Because, the rest of the choices are pegasus ponies.)
  28. Question 19 (If you have been looking at the question numbers every time, then this question should be easy for you.)
  29. Yes (In the end, it was.) [10 seconds]
  30. Keep searching around the screen until your cursor turns into a hand. Click on it and enjoy the picture.
  31. Rainbow Dash [10 seconds]
  32. Pinkie Pie (She's always happy and the word, "Pie" classifies her as a food.)
  33. Tabitha St. Germain (Yeah, I watch the end credits. :P)
  34. Junebug
  35. Apple Bloom (We're talking about the pony, here.)
  36. T [5 seconds]
  37. Make friends with it (Because, Friendship is Magic!)
  38. Of course, you'll notice that none of the choices are correct. So, what you have to do is to use your keyboard. So, just type "Fluttershy" to proceed.
  39. Scary (This question is referring to the "Cupcakes" fanfic. And it's TOO scary for me...)
  40. Sonic Rainboom (Duh, that's what the picture's showing you.)
  41. Rarity [10 seconds]
  42. Ahuziotl (I even get confused on this question, as well.)
  43. No, that cord ("Discord" sounds like, "This cord". Simple!)
  44. Brainiac Filly (This is the only made-up name. The rest of the names DO actually exist.) [15 seconds]
  45. Applejack [10 seconds]
  46. I don't know (In one of the comics, Pinkie Pie said this when she was asked the same question.)
  47. Rainbow Dash (All of the choices have appeared before, but "Rainbow Dash" was the only correct one.) [10 seconds]
  48. Click on Twilight Sparkle. But, you'll have to be fast!
  49. Pinkie Pie
  50. Instead of typing "FiM", type the words, "Friendship is Magic" with your keyboard. [10 seconds]

Congratulations! You have passed the quiz and found out why the answers are like that.

Well, I hope you guys find this answer key useful... somehow.


- J.D. Brony

A Shot of Redemption

2016-03-19 00:28:13 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me JD.

So, I hope you guys are not that concerned about my MLP Quiz 3 delay.

Because, I am proud to introduce to you all:



I know you guys want to play this quiz so badly, and so do I. So, I've decided to start from scratch and do the quiz again. But this time, with a brand new look! And some brand new questions as well.

I've already wrote down all the planned 100 questions. (Yes, there will be 100.)

And in case some of you are not familiar, look at one of my older posts, wherein I showed a previous screenshot of part 3 that I was doing in the iMac.

I really cannot wait for me to finish this quiz, and for you guys to play it. Because, it's going to be my LAST one.

Sorry guys, but it's true. I need to take a rest from Flash for a while. So, this will be my last game for now.

I hope you guys are getting your hopes up for this quiz, because this is going to be a headache for me. :P


- J.D. Brony

The Long Wait

2016-03-04 19:20:08 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's JD.

So yeah, you might probably know about the iMac that I use being currently down.

Well, my dad has been contacting the repairmen for the job and it turns out that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of the computer was burnt.

That pretty much means bad news for me and my family.

So, they're gonna have to get some parts for the power supply unit to be fixed. And for all of you, that only means you have to wait a little longer.

Mainly because, I will never know when the iMac will get fixed. But, I am just hoping that it WILL get fixed.

Anyways, this is just a little update/status report for you guys.

I hope you all have some patience, because I can't wait to finish my quiz.


- J.D. Brony

New Game Confirmed?

2016-01-25 07:56:43 by JD-Brony

Hey guys, it's me, JD.

So, I'm here to tell you about the new game I've been planning to work on.

Well, I have some more bad news...

You see, The My Little Pony Quiz 3 has been delayed for so long now, ever since the iMac that I use to make my Flash games went down. But, another thing, I can't create that new game for you guys to play.

If you looked at one of my previous posts entitled, "MLP Quiz 3 Update and A New Game??", I said there that I was going to create a new game. The concept came from the well-known PuffballsUnited, creator of the very famous Henry Stickmin games.

Anyways, I can't create that new game, because, well, I just really don't have time to do it. Really, school is just filling up my free time in my schedule for weekdays and weekends. I mean, I really, really, REALLY want to do that game for you guys, but I just can't due to my status right now.

So yeah, guys, I'm really sorry for saying this to all of you...

I'm just hoping that I can create another game when I finish the MLP Quiz 3 and also, have tons of time to do so.

I hope you guys understand and appreciate my concern. Thanks! And sorry again...

- J.D. Brony